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About the ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe

Founded in 1989, the ZKM | Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe stands worldwide for an open concept of art in the digital age.
At the ZKM, scientific collection and archive research is linked with artistic research into the electronic arts.
Through these interdisciplinary connections, the ZKM not only presents central works of media art of the 20th and 21st centuries,
but also contributes to their further development.

Whether exhibitions, symposia, publications, concert programmes or digital formats - the ZKM is the platform for the discourses of art
and technology in exchange with society, science, business and politics.
Its mission is to analyse and better understand the effects of the media and digital world on people's lives.

About Karlsruhe

The sun shines on the fan-shaped city almost 140 days a year. And that not only inspires connoisseurs to settle here.
Karlsruhe is the city with the highest density of researchers in Europe: in addition to the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and three Fraunhofer Institutes, the Max Rubner Institute, one of the four federal research institutes, is based in Karlsruhe.

And over 3,600 IT and technology companies make our region the third largest IT cluster in Europe.

Karlsruhe is centrally located on several transport routes and can be easily reached by plane, train or car.

Arriving by car

Pay attention to local traffic signs and any roadworks or detour.
The exact address for your navigation system is:
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien
Lorenzstraße 19
76135 Karlsruhe

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Parking facilities:
There are several parking facilities at the ZKM, including the parking garage at the ZKM and surrounding parking lots.
Address ZKM underground parking garage: Südendstraße 44, 76135 Karlsruhe.
Follow the local parking guidance systems to find the best parking space.

Arrival by public transportation:

KVV public transport network
- The streetcars in Karlsruhe run at regular intervals, typically every 10-15 minutes.
- Timetables and up-to-date information on delays or changes can be found on the website of the Karlsruhe Transport Association (KVV) or via the KVV app.
- One-way tickets and day tickets are available from the ticket machines at the stops or via the KVV app.

From Karlsruhe main station to the ZKM:
1. Tram line 2 (direction ZKM)
- Start: Central station (forecourt)
- Destination: ZKM stop, directly in front of the Center for Art and Media.
- Duration: approx. 10 minutes

From the city center (e.g. Marktplatz or Europaplatz) to the ZKM:
1. Tram line 2 (direction ZKM)
- Start**: Marktplatz / Europaplatz (Karlsruhe)
- Destination: Stop ZKM, directly in front of the Center for Art and Media.
- Duration: approx. 7-10 minutes

Photo: Joachim Mende | © ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe